CMI Engineering services


Support & services

CMI Engineering Services offer 24/7 engineering support and technical services. We will help you achieve your production goals today and tomorrow.

our History

CMI Engineering Services was established in 2016 to provide a complete and effective & mechanical field and installation service to mining and industrial industries.

our Pledge

  • We pledge in rendering a "First Time Perfect" approach to every service or installation that we encounter.
  • We pledge to offer an efficient and cost-effective repair and rebuild services for your business.
  • We offer technical support, to maintain machinery properly.
  • CMI recognizes the right of all employees to a healthy and safe work environment and all persons that are not employees but are directly affected by our activities.
  • We pledge to comply with all as Codes, Rules, Standards and Procedures required by our clients as well as legislation and directives imposed on our clients.